Thanks! Fan Art (from K-san)

Oh my gosh, K-san(@artofk555)drew another fan art!

This time it’s a collaboration manga between tax accountant Toru and Tsuuka-chan(@tsuuka_chan) from “Job Collection!!


今回は「Job Collection」の税理士トオルと通花ちゃんのコラボマンガです。

I couldn’t make it to the NFT because there are characters drawn by other creators.

But since you gave us permission to post them on our site, we had to introduce them!

Tooru being pushed around by K-san, Tsuuka-chan, and other cute creatures No – he’s funny, cute, and more handsome than the Tooru I draw!!!!!

K-san, thank you so much for welcoming us and even drawing the cartoon! Glad to hear it ~ !!!!!